Ariane Loze

L’archipel du moi (Archipelago of Me), 2018. Trailer, 2 min 55 seconds. Courtesy of the artist.

In Archipelago of Me, a woman searching for a new personality finds herself enmeshed in a factory of human experiences—from show room to assembly line, resistance testing, and special collections—while a PA system recites lines from The Prince, Machiavelli’s infamous playbook on authority and survival. The film was commissioned for the opening of KANAL-Centre Pompidou, a new contemporary art museum in Brussels, Belgium, which was once a Citroën car garage. KANAL—Centre Pompidou bears a resemblance to the industrial sites of Cleveland and mirrors The Cleveland Institute of Art’s Gund Building, a renovated Ford Model-T factory. The main character’s quest for resilience surfaces as she navigates the commercial infrastructure and art institution. 

Loze produces her films autonomously: she takes on the roles of director, screenwriter, editor, dresser, camerawoman, and plays all characters. Through her editorial vision, she explores the individual’s multiple selves in relationship with their surrounding architecture and social context. Loze actively puts spectators in the role of creating their own psychological narratives through basic editing principles: shot and counter-shot, and the presumed continuity of plot and movement.


Ariane Loze studied Theatre Direction at the RITCS Brussels, and took part in a.pass (Advanced Performance And Scenography Studies) in Antwerp. Ariane Loze recently received the Salomon Foundation Residency Award (2019). She won the Haut-de-Seine Department Prize at the well-known Salon de Montrouge (2018). Her videos also got awarded at Côté Court Festival at Pantin (2017), at the Space Biennale #9 of Lille-Brussels (2017), and she was laureate of the HISK (Higher Institute for Fine Arts) Ghent (2016-17). She lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.