[From The Distance] Class
with Adult Kindergarten

This virtual course introduces Adult Kindergarten’s process of relearning and investigating adulthood. Follow on Instagram Live (@adult.kindergarten). Recordings with closed captions will be released here through October 4.

August 24: Wondering about Everything
August 31: Asking for Help
September 7: Allowing Space for Curiosity and Intentionality about Involving Others in Your Growth
September 14: Practicing that Skills and Information are Communal — Learning Always Involves Sharing and Empowering Others
September 21: Centering the Margins
September 28: Getting Up to Shit

Image: Adult Kindergarten, Near and Far: Pieces of Love, 2020. Digital valentines.

TITLE TBD x Ariane Loze

Released by mid October
A video interview with Ariane Loze and Meghana Karnik.

TITLE TBD x Natalia Nakazawa

Released by mid October
A video interview with Natalia Nakazawa and Meghana Karnik.


September 18, 6:00 - 7:30 PM EST
Zoom Webinar Link:

Art institutions are facing renewed scrutiny on their commitments to dismantle systemic oppression in the back office, seen through a rising tide of employee and student resistance movements, open letters, and board member audits in 2020 alone. Numerous arts employers tout the “psychic benefits'' of culture and fail to offset the psychic costs of their institutions. Structured for self-preservation, institutions avoiding liability and disparagement miss their mark on loving artists, arts workers, and communities back.

In waiting for change, some create para-institutional* spaces for culture—ad-hoc, peripheral, or alternative sites for peer support, knowledge sharing, and solidarity building that overlap museums, the art market, and higher education. This conversation examines these spaces—why they are generative for artists and communities, and how they model loving, equitable futures. Meghana Karnik (Curator, TITLE TBD) moderates a conversation with:

La Tanya S. Autry, Gund Curator in Residence at moCa Cleveland and co-founder of #MuseumsAreNotNeutral.

Tizziana Baldenebro (she/her), Executive Director of SPACES and member of MOCAD Resistance.

Nora N. Khan, a writer, culture producer, and a Director of Dark Study, an experimental program centered on art.

Natalia Nakazawa, an artist, educator, Assistant Director of EFA Studio Program, and a core member of ⚙️Admin, a collective that views arts administration as a tool for liberation.

*From Dark Study’s mission: “Para-institutional spaces exist besides and beyond the institution, forming alternatives while overlapping. They are peripheral and ad-hoc, part, but not part. They move beyond logics of extraction, remove barriers to accessibility, while embracing new models of knowledge transmission.”

The event is co-produced by The Cleveland Institute of Art and SPACES in conjunction with their current exhibitions, TITLE TBD (August 20 - October 4, 2020) and A Public Trust (August 21 - October 9, 2020), SPACES.

Image: Jeff Kasper, wrestling embrace, 2018, game deck. A card depicts a selection of lyrics from the dance-pop song Show Me Love by Robin S. (1993) on a bright purple background. Link to song here.

Relational Athletics: A workshop on Critique as Support with Jeff Kasper

September 30, 6:00 - 7:30 pm

This workshop for students features engaging guided activities in writing, role-play, deep listening, and visualization. Participants will explore parallel practices for the creative process grounded in cultures of trauma-sensitivity-crafted as resources for wellbeing and professional development. Topics include: skill building for self-advocacy and accountability, peer-to-peer support, critique, and navigating interpersonal conflict in arts collaborations. This workshop honors personal experiences in an empathic, confidential, and low-pressure format. You are welcome to sign up with a friend or classmate. Group dialogue and activities are encouraged but entirely optional. Participate in any way that works for you. 

This workshop is for Cleveland Institute of Art Visual Arts + Technologies students only. workbook is available for download

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