Public Programs

Virtual Reception + Tour with Adult Kindergarten, Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, GenderFail, Jeff Kasper, Natalia Nakazawa and Meghana Karnik

Methods TBD: Show Me Love, a conversation on ‘para-institutional’ organizing with LaTanya S. Autry, moCa Fund Curator in Residence / Black Liberation Center, Tizziana Baldenebro, SPACES / MOCAD Resistance, Nora N. Khan, Dark Study, Natalia Nakazawa, ⚙️️Admin / EFA Studio Program

Adult Kindergarten [From The Distance] Class

1: Wondering about Everything (part 1)

1: Wondering about Everything (part 2)
2: Asking for Help

3: Affirmtions

4: A Love Letter to the Story of Myselves

5: Centering the Margins And Ourselves

Artist Interviews

Ariane Loze Interview
Emily Mae Smith Interview: Avalon