Adult Kindergarten

Near and Far; Pieces of Love, 2020. Digital valentine.

For Adult Kindergarten, adulthood is not defined by age or credentials — it is about actively cultivating joy, dreaming up liberation scenarios, and sharing personal resources for collective wealth. The situations and events the artist-duo create inspire mouths open in wonder. At the heart of Adult Kindergarten’s artistic strategies are models of shared wellness and friendship. 

Near and Far; Pieces of Love, 2020. Digital valentine.

For TITLE TBD, Adult Kindergarten initiated a socially-engaged project that looked at how people manifest love in their lives. Part one unfolded through a series of hand-made valentines, distributed on Valentine’s Day 2020 in Providence, RI and Cleveland, OH. Part two could not be realized in the pandemic. Hosted in conjunction with the reopening of the fall semester and TITLE TBD, [From The Distance] Class is a virtual course introducing Adult Kindergarten’s tools for adult life. In their own words:


We're Adult Kindergarten and we'll be hosting [FromTheDistance] Class, and we want you to join us. In six weekly sessions, we will relearn and investigate adulthood by:

Aug 24:    Wondering about Everything
Aug 31:    Asking for Help 
Sept 7:     Allowing Space for Curiosity and Intentionality about Involving Others in Your Growth 
Sept 14:    Practicing that Skills and Information are Communal — Learning Always Involves Sharing and Empowering Others
Sept 21:    Centering the Margins
Sept 28:    Getting Up to Shit 

The virtual course is viewable for free on Instagram Live on Mondays from August 24 - September 28, 2020. Follow Adult Kindergarten @adult.kindergarten or visit the calendar each following Friday to view classes.


Adult Kindergarten is a creative collaboration between community-based curator and organizer Court King and multidisciplinary artist Lo Smith. Through many informal collaborations on professional projects, the two discovered their mutual interest in and talent for uplifting marginalized narratives within respective communities in Providence and Cleveland, creating pathways for connection and reflection.